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The “Mastership” Program

This Program is only open to a few very special people who have decided their life purpose to making a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in the lives of others – 100% Committed and 100% Accountable for the results that are produced.
In this program, Advanced Participants will have a special opportunity to acquire the tools and skill set that Coaching Professors has developed in over 30 years of trainings. The Senior Coach and facilitator of this advanced program is the founder of Coaching Professors.

A 6-month program of intense work in the theoretical field of Physics, Chemistry, the Psychology of the Human Mind and the practical field of applied mind and behavioral technologies – as investigated by a scientist.

To be admitted to this unique program leading to an understanding of the world and how it works, the person must have graduated from one of Coaching Professors basic programs in the “Achieving Your Life Full Potential” series, and must have the recommendations and approval of the basic program facilitator/coach. The advanced program applicant must also agree to 100% dedication to the 6-month program and 100% complete confidentiality of all that they will learn, whether published or non-published materials.

1 – Month One --- The Physics of the Mind

2 – Month Two --- The Chemistry of the Mind

3 – Month Three – The Psychology of the Mind

4 – Month Four --- Applied Mind Physics --- testing the learning and observing one’s reactive mind at work.

5 – Month Five --- Applied Mind Physics - how to control the reactive mind --- real life tests and learning.

6 – Month Six --- Applied Mind Physics - deep deprogramming techniques to cleanse one-self daily and to re-energize one’s own resolve.

All graduates will become “Masters” in the field of Negotiation, Communication, Service and in making a true positive difference in the lives of those they touch. 

At the end of this intense realignment process and full understanding of the human mind – having passed 100% all tests proposed to them by their class “Master Founder”, a few Exceptional Masters will be offered the opportunity to join the Coaching Professors course for applicant facilitators or join as a Coach in their specific field of expertise – fulfilling the Coaching Professor’s Vision and Mission “To make a positive difference in the lives of those around us”, as well as their own life Vision and Mission.

Q: Is there more to life than what I experience?

A: There's an old Japanese saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears" – it is interesting how very often our perceptions transform reality as our senses perceive it. Unless, we are able to learn how to neutralize selective-perceptions, selection-deception, our reactive mind, our expectation system, our belief system and learn how to see what is, as it is – no assumptions and no interpretation – we miss the reality that exists beyond the limits of our perception.
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