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“When The Student is Ready, The Teacher Appears”

Coaching is defined as a relationship that fast tracks a person forward towards his or her goals – an intentional process that creates a compelling environment for growth and effective action.

Our three Online Programs are the result of 30 years of training and classes offered by Prof. Ancis and his colleagues on-ground to over 120,000 participants. These classroom programs have been converted to the on-line environment offering flexibility, convenience and 24/7 access to the program facilities. The materials offered in our programs have often been called ‘transformational’ in that participants undergo a true, successful transformation of how they perceive the world and address life's challenges. 

The common denominator of our programs is that all of them offer the participants opportunities to discover and confirm their life purpose and clearly define goals; to design a rationalized plan and to achieve what is of the greatest importance in their lives.

These are the three programs that are currently offered:

  • Coaching for holders of MBA Degrees
  • Coaching for Educators
  • Coaching - Programs Open to All Participants

For more information about "Achieving Your Life Full Potential" and the "Dilemma's" behind them, Click on the links below.

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[click here] - For Educators - Dilemma
[click here] - Programs Open to All Participants - Dilemma

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Do I often setup too many goals
and feel overwhelmed?











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