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Our Guest Portal allows you 2-week complementary access to selected online locations on our GUEST communication server.

Some of the locations you will have access to include:

The Courtyard – where you can stroll and meet other Visitors

The Research Library – where you can download important program documents, audios and videos

The Instructors Office – where you can meet the program coach and ask confidential questions.

To access the Guest Portal, you will need a User Name and Password.

This information will be sent to you via email once you provide the Coaching Professor Registrar with the following data and after verification:

  • First and Last Name
  • E-mail address
  • City and Zip Code where you reside
  • A Telephone Number where you may be reached
  • Time and day when you typically may be best reached
  • Starting date of desired access
  • Major purpose of your visit

Our company policy is to keep any information we receive 100% confidential within our registrar. Upon completion of your two-week visit our program director would like to have an interview with you either by phone or e-mail, as you prefer and with your permission.

Once you provide us with the information listed above, and after our confirmation, within 24 hours, we will send you:

  1. your 2-week access password
  2. instructions on how to set up the link to access the Guest Portal
  3. our 1-800 telephone number for 2-week free technical support, in case you to need assistance in setting up your access to the Guest Portal
  4. Three very important documents, written by the company founder
  • “Are You Truly Living in the World of Possibilities?
  • “Comfort Zone – the Trap of our Lives”
  • “Ineffective Behaviors – what stops us from achieving what we say is important to us.”

email send info to our registrar

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