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Since 1980, with corporate and personal programs, Roberto Ancis (the founder of Coaching Professors, also called “the Professor”, has coached over 120,000 participants in the world to achieving peak personal performance and reaching their personal life goals. After ten years teaching in cyberspace with the best online educational institutions in the world, Roberto Ancis has successfully transferred the 28-year proven on-ground programs to the online environment. These programs reflect the best in the field of coaching, mind-dynamics, peak performance, and self-empowerment.

Born in Florence, Italy, “Prof.” Ancis is truly a ‘Renaissance person’ – a scientist, university associate faculty, highly esteemed strategic and marketing specialist, for the last 20 years, ‘Prof.’ Ancis has also been studying the human mind and people ineffective behaviors. The programs are about what people can to do ‘transform’ their lives, making a positive difference in the lives of others, and achieving one’s full life potential and life quest/purpose.

The many successes of participants (see testimonials) in ‘Prof.’ Ancis programs are due to the unwillingness of participants to accept the status quo, as well as understanding how their mind can become their worst enemy. Often, our mind convinces us that we are not very good, and if we are good, it convinces us that there would be much peril in changing what we are doing (the ‘comfort zone’). The ‘judge” of our mind often controls our life – the ‘creative’ child has little chance to come to life.

Utilizing an exceptionally user-friendly and supportive online environment, online coaches provide their expertise to assist participants in whatever is of the greatest importance to them – discovering, planning for and achieving one’s life purpose and goals; acquiring new skills, understanding how the mind works, achieving mind dynamics mastership and learning how to be positive about life, no matter what. 

Degreed by accredited institutions, our coaches are specialists in their field of expertise. With 10 to 20 years of proven and relevant instruction to adult learners, our coaches truly care and are totally dedicated to the success of the program participants. All of our coaches are successful professional instructors in accredited institutions for adult learners, as well as experienced online facilitators and have a proven track record in their private practice. They truly want to make a positive difference in your life.

We suggest you read more about our [transformational] programs.

“Coaches provides an empowering blend of theory, practical applications, available options and techniques on a weekly basis. Your selected working teams are fully engaged in supporting you and themselves in the forward movement of all member goals and plans. As teams and individuals become fully accountable for themselves and the team, the working team environment is a joyful experience where each challenges and supports each other at the same time."

Take a stand in your life and live in the world of possibilities. Discover your life purpose, plan, initiate, engage, act, adapt and achieve what is most important to you – Confident on every path

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