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The Dilemma

At some time in our lives, sooner or later, many of us educators begin to ask ourselves important life questions (both the existential and philosophical ones). When we find that our original expectations about teaching are in fact quite different from the reality we have and are experiencing. Some part of us starts looking for alternatives, but without knowing how or what to look for. Often, we feel confused and uncertain while time rapidly passes by. We still want to teach, but not in the environment where we are teaching now. Some of us have been teachers for a very long time and have not yet made that significant difference we expected to make so many years ago. Now, after all the years and hard work, we have little to show for our effort. Our company assists participants to revive or re-discover their old and often forgotten life visions, we coach participants to plan and move forward towards what often looks impossible to achieve. Some of your initial questions might include: :

  • How do I achieve economic abundance in my life?
  • Am I truly making a positive life difference with my students?
  • Am I truly making a positive life difference with those around me?
  • Am I truly an outstanding communicator?
  • Do I often experience anger, frustration and boredom in my life?
  • How do I become the ultimate teacher?
  • Do I often live in fear of what might happen?
  • Should I do something else?
  • What do I want to accomplish before I die?
  • How do I want to be remembered?
  • What is my life legacy?
  • Am I happy in my current profession?
  • Do I like the content of my work?
  • Do I like to work for others?
  • How do I teach and make some money?
  • Should I start my own company?
  • Am I willing to take a stand in my life to live in the world of possibilities?


If you identify with any of these extremely important life questions or if you are interested in reading about the solutions Coaching Professors offer to educators with similar Life Quest Dilemmas, [click here] .

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