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   The Sedona Resolution Solution



The Dilemma

Far too many individuals spend vast portions of their lives in a state of fear or anxiety about their future or in regret of past events. Little of their time is invested in the present and when it is, most are stuck in a "comfort zone". Procrastination, lack of commitment, unclear about life goals, a selfish and egoistic view of life, a lack of true internal happiness, a lack of self-esteem, self-deception and selective perceptions seem to dominate our lives.

We never seem to get out of where we are, and more importantly, we suffer everyday because we truly wish we were doing something else. Many do not feel like getting up in the morning - no matter how much we have achieved in monetary or personal success, we feel bored, unsettled and often empty inside. Our successful life is no longer fulfilling for us.

Some questions that come to mind include:

  1. What is my true life purpose?
  2. Am I living my life's full potential?
  3. What is my pay-off for living in the "comfort zone"?
  4. Are fear and survival the driving forces between the choices I make?
  5. Do I often live with guilt of the past...or anxiety of the future?
  6. Am I at the effect of events or do I cause events to happen?
  7. Am I willing to take a stand in my life, living the world of what's possible?
  8. What is the most important contribution I am planning to make to the planet?
  9. Am I truly empowered in my life in every way?
  10. Is there more to all this than what I experience currently?
  11. How do I utilize my full skill set in my everyday life?
  12. Where do I go from here?
  13. Do I often procrastinate in life?
  14. Do others always understand what I mean?
  15. Do I often place blame on others or circumstances?


Take a stand in your life and live in the world of possibilities. Discover your life purpose, plan, initiate, engage, act, adapt and achieve what is most important to you – Confident on every path

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