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In 1980, Roberto Ancis, a native of Florence, Italy, research scientist, MBA and university instructor, founded Network and Energy Resources (NER), in Los Angeles, California – a consulting and training organization dedicated to assisting CEOs, corporations and individuals in their quest for more effective business and personal performance in an empowered driven environment 

Later in the 90’s, this consortium of university instructors and professors (a core of 7 professors with support from an additional 30 experienced instructors) was re-named The Professor’s Network, providing counsel and guidance to over 1000 corporations and delivering self-development trainings to over 120,000 program participants – often with dramatic results. Reflecting the best in the field of personal and corporate coaching, mind-dynamics and self-empowerment, in the last 25 years, the on-ground company trainings and coaching programs reached far and wide, including: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Sedona, Montreal, Toronto, Milan, Rome, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Central America.

Now, in the new Millennium, the original vision has been taken to the next level. After teaching Online with some of the best and largest accredited online educational institutions in the world, Roberto (also called the ‘Professor’) has brought the Professor’s Network proven and successful on-ground “Transformational Coaching” programs to the Online environment. Today, participants from all over the world and at their convenience, can now conveniently access this empowering environment, where individuals work together in a supportive coached team surrounding - to discover (confirm) their life goals (their life passion) and to achieve what is most important to them. While the Professor’s Network is still active, the Online New Millennium Transformational Coaching company is called “Coaching” ( 

Personal success in life is the result of commitment, focus, personal discipline and skill acquisition. Our copyrighted Three Step Process of Self-Discovery, Detailed Planning and Unyielding Implementation, provides a 24/7 18-month Coaching environment where you and your peers (the Team) move forward to achieve what you say is most important to you (your passion). In the process of Achieving Your Full Life Potential –your unyielding team partners truly become part of your new extended family.  

Our Coaches have trained and taught Online classes for decades, with top accredited universities in the country. They are truly masters in their field of expertise and are recognized globally. Following our unique and copyrighted Life Discovery, Planning for Success and Action Processes, our coaches will share with you “their years of knowledge”, guiding you in an organized step-by-step creative environment towards achieving your life goals and life purpose. Our On-ground and Online Coaching Programs are indeed unique and extremely effective. These programs are open to qualified applicants after an initial telephone and e-mail interview. offers programs for individuals who want to pursue their Life Goals and Passion, learn how to manage their "reactive" mind and transform their perception of life. The company corporate division (via on-ground The Professor’s Network) offers Coaching Programs for busy CEOs who want to communicate with other non-competing, cross-industry CEO’s, sharing operational experiences in a guided program environment. On-Ground Corporate Consulting services are also offered to selective for profit and non-profit companies.

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