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1 – “On Procrastination” – A daily occurrence that often becomes a lifestyle. Analyze the reasons, realize the consequences, and learn how to "handle" this unwanted behavior in your life forever.

2 – “Comfort Zone” – A protective and "attractive" place for the “Self” to hide, the comfort zone actually stops us from truly achieving our full life potential. Why do we create comfort zones? What are the consequences of this choice? How do we step out of this "not so golden" cage? These and other questions are covered and solutions are offered in this workshop.

3 – “Ineffective Behaviors” – Our “ineffective behaviors” are actually very effective at stopping us from achieving what is most important to us. Discover the source of your own ineffective behaviors, understand how they function, and see how they stop you from achieving. Learn the process of how to identify and handle ineffective behaviors in this workshop.

4 – “The Judge and the Child” – The chatter in our mind – Where does the chatter come from and what effect does it have on our clarity of mind. How does it influence our actions? Are we too severe with ourselves? Are we full of excuses? Learn how to reduce your "mind chatter" and live a fuller more empowered life in this workshop.

5 – “Communication for Action in Business” – Do you find your instructions and communications are sometimes misunderstood or not as clear as you would like them to be? Does it often take longer than it should to explain what you want yet some people still don’t get it? You will discover the causes of these and other communication challenges. This workshop will teach you how to change the way you communicate with people in business.

6 – “Empowering Personal Communication” – We seem to be unable to express our true feelings and sometimes we get upset and angry when others do not understand us - then the communication stops. We often deliver messages that are not interpreted as we meant them. We find it difficult to express how we feel with the people we care about. If you want people to pay attention when you speak or if you just want to have more empowering relationships and meaningful conversations, we suggest this workshop.

7 – “Pro-active Listening” – Does the thought ever occur to you that you seem to be doing all the talking and can't stop yourself? Do you have the ability to listen and not “talk over” other people? Do you truly pay attention to what people say or do you let your mind wonder away? This workshop will teach you how to become an effective listener and an outstanding communicator. The true power is in the listening – talking often gives your power away…

8 – “Onion Skins” – 
How we keep others distant from us – A deep investigation of the “self” and what stops us from being exactly the way we are today. What will happen if I tell the truth about myself? This workshop is for those individuals who are truly open to rediscovering important parts of themselves that have been hidden.   

9 – “Beliefs, Values and Attitudes” – Our lives are often a direct consequence of the beliefs we hold, the values we create and the attitudes that we adopt.  Many beliefs may have a negative influence in one’s life, biasing perceptions and distorting what one sees, making visible only what the belief structure allows (this is called selective perception or at times selective deception). This workshop invites participants to investigate the foundation and dynamics of belief systems. 

10 – “12 Characteristics of Top Performers – Achieving Peak Performance” – Do you see those around you getting better jobs and better rewards, are others advancing beyond you in the pursuit of both personal and business goals? This workshop allows you to capture the essence of what it truly takes to be a Top Performer.  

11 – “Money” – 
Transform a dysfunctional monetary relationship to functional abundant harmony – Don’t have the money you need? Really don’t understand “money” and its attributes? Can too much money be bad for people? Does money equal greed? It's time to heal your relationship with money. Learn how to generate income despite uncertain economic times and stop using your external environment as an excuse.

12 – “Cause and Effect” – Are you causing your life to happen as you would like it to be, or are you subject to the effects and forces of outside influence? Learn how to use Mind Dynamics to create a positive environment for yourself and those around you. Experience the often lost “magic” of creating what you want. In this breakthrough workshop, you will be offered a definitive opportunity to shift from being controlled by outside forces into creating your life exactly the way you want it to be.

13 – “Ideas into Action” – Always coming up with new ideas but don’t know how to make them happen? Don’t have the funds to develop an idea into a viable business? We will teach you the tools that are necessary to launch your business and find sources of capital. In our workshop, you will develop an action plan that gets attention and delivers results.

14 – “Time Management” – Overwhelmed? Too many things to do? No time for yourself? Learn how to re-structure your life and maximize the time you do have. Learn the skills presented in this workshop and finally accomplish all those necessary items on your “to-do” list.

15 - “Life Reflections” – Too busy to understand exactly why you’re here in the first place? Always running but unsure about where your going? What is your true “life purpose”? How do you want to be remembered? Take a fresh look at where you are, at the contribution you want to make to the planet and discover what's next for you in this lifetime. This workshop is designed for those who want to discover/confirm a new life philosophy and "Life Path".

16 – “Life Planning” – Discover and develop an action plan to achieve what you truly want to accomplish in life. Determine new paths and strategies to get where you want to go. Ours is the most powerful course in self-discovery, life planning and skill inventory available today!

17 - "Incompletes" - Do you have a lot of “incompletes”, tasks and communications that have not been completed for at least 1 month? Are you often late to appointments? Do you keep your word no matter what happens? If you don't, we'll teach you how to understand the cause and consequences of these behaviors. This workshop will help you eliminate the incomplete cycles in your life.

For each of the workshops we have a pdf file describing the program in further detail, as well as a short video. You can download the pdf file and/or you can follow the link to YouTube, to view the video. Please, bookmark this page so after watching the Video on YouTube, you will easily be able to get back to our site.

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