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Designed for those who are concerned about their job guarantee, dissatisfied or bored with their current job, or just precautious about their own future and the future of their families.

The economic future is very uncertain, job security has become job insecurity, and many live with the anxiety of losing their jobs. In response to this, the CEO and founder of Coaching Professors has decided to share, with those who choose to become consultants, the tools that have made him economically independent and a successful consultant since 1981.

This ‘extremely powerful´ and complete 90-day Program provides a flexible, easy to understand and easy to follow, step-by-step guide for professionals to learn how to become an organized and well prepared consultant in their chosen field of consultancy – the programs provide all that is needed to plan, start and develop a consulting business. The information distributed and coached by the program facilitator is an accumulation of 30 years of business experience as a successful consultant– skills set identification, company documentation, profile target identification, market outreach, presentation, how to overcome objections, closing the contract, how to handle new clients and getting referrals are just a few of the materials that will be delivered to you (in a detailed “Consulting Handbook”). In addition, the unpublished set of MIND DYNAMICS training materials (called the “Physics of the Mind”) that are delivered with this program provide an invaluable set of “contextual” tools and behaviors. Content that has been proven to be instrumental in creating success in one’s life and focused intention.

Facilitators and coaches for the ‘HOW TO BECOME CONSULTANTS” Programs have been on-ground and online instructors for decades and have themselves been successful consultants in their fields of expertise for an equivalent number of years.

The founder and designer of the ‘HOW TO BECOME CONSULTANTS Programs, ‘Prof. Roberto Ancis has been a successful business consultant since 1981, helping over 300 clients in 40 different industries, in addition to being a graduate business university instructor for over 34 years.

Three categories of “How to Become Consultants” programs are offered:
  1. For Business Professionals (such as - strategic development, marketing, sales, research, cost reductions, manufacturing, accounting, finance, advertising, trend forecasts, merchandising, educational, architectural, promotions, graphic design, insurance and many more).
  2. For Educators (teachers and instructors in elementary school, high school and college).
  3. For Trade Specialists (such as - plumbing, construction, furniture, carpeting, electrical, meeting planners, clothing, cosmetics, dating services, and many more as the possibilities and professions are endless).

While there are common steps and procedures in all three categories, much of the content of each category will be different from the other categories as the Programs have been concentrated to match the specific needs of each category.

The MIND DYNAMICS (Physics of the Mind) materials are provided with each of the program specializations and delivery modalities.


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