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The Online coaching technology we use in our individual and corporate programs, is the same technology that has been used by some of the largest universities in the U.S. to deliver accredited online education to more than 400,000 students.

Our Online programs are delivered asynchronously over the Internet, using an Internet browser (typically Microsoft Outlook Express or Firefox) - this means that program participants can attend and participate at any time they wish and at their convenience, from anywhere in the world.

Online Coaching Program Technology for Individuals

Online coaching programs for individuals are delivered using the Newsgroup feature of Outlook Express, Widows Live mail, Vista and Firefox. The individual participant utilizes seven separate 'virtual rooms' to meet, to work, to do research or to meditate:

1- The Main Conference Room -a virtual discussion room to be used by program participants for discussions on specific topics as the coaching instructor proposes them, and to move forward in their life goals and purpose.

2 – The Lecture Room – a virtual room where participants can find lectures on specific topics dealing with the program, written by the coaching instructor, the Coaching Professor’s founder or illustrious contributors.

3 – The Team Conference Rooms (three separate rooms A, B and C) – virtual rooms, where groups of 3 to 5 participants work together on personal and specific team projects, to then be shared with the coaching instructor for review, commentary and guidance.

4 – The Coaching Instructor’s Office – this is the Write-Only virtual room where all projects are sent to be reviewed by the coaching instructor. Once reviewed, documents are then sent back to the individual participant or virtual team group.

5 – The Court Yard – this is the virtual room where participants can exchange ideas and messages that may or may not deal with program materials.

6 – The Research Library Room – this is the virtual room, where the coaching instructor and participants post non-confidential research, statistics, market information, business documents and other information relevant to the specific program, for the benefit of the entire program group.

7 – The “Zen” Meditation Room – this is a virtual room, where participants go to regenerate their personal “chi” (energy), and reflect on what needs to be done, or just get in touch with themselves. This is a great space for people to “clean” up their subconscious, diffuse anxieties and conquer the “demons” of fear.

Weekly, the program participant posts to the Main Conference Room answers and comments to topics relevant to the week's expected discoveries. Weekly Discussion ACTION Questions are posted to The Main Conference Room to be addressed by program participants. ACTION Questions facilitate participant progress while the coach guides participants towards their specific quests and personal life goals – answering their questions and supporting them into first reflection and then into to ‘swift’ action.

The program is easy to use, convenient, and globally accessible.

While the programs move forward with a planned schedule, participants access the program newsgroup areas at their own speed and when they wish to attend. This asynchronous environment allows participants to post their materials, questions, and observations when it is convenient for them. Flexibility is one of the major features of our Online Programs.

For more specific information about the contents of our Online Programs – visit our Individual Coaching Programs page

Online Coaching Program Technology for Corporations

The Online Corporate Programs use the same asynchronous newsgroup communication technology utilized by the Online Programs for Individuals – however, the delivery methodology may vary substantially (it may be enhanced by video conferencing, telephone conferencing, audio communications, and when necessary, monthly on-ground on site visits by the Coach).

If you wish to learn more about these highly productive programs, targeted at cost reductions, generating profitable revenues and increasing customer service (making it a memorable experience), please click on this link “[[Corporate Programs]

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