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1984 – A solar contractor approached us to build a sales program, to hire and train sales people.  He had opened his business ten months prior to contacting us and had been unable to hire, motivate and manage an effective and dedicated sales force. We met with the solar contractor five times and identified the ineffective behaviors that had undermined his efforts – we helped him design a targeted marketing program, an effective fee-based performance compensation plan and helped him to hire six dedicated sales people.  We then trained the sales people every week, tracking their results and increased the company sales by a factor of 10, in four months.

1988 – Our company assisted ACT (Applied Computer Technologies), a company that had just started operations in a garage in Van Nuys, CA, to design an effective and targeted marketing outreach plan.  We hired sales people and trained them with a novel sales approach stressing cost/benefit as presentation strategy.  The result of our marketing program with the newly hired sales force, was $125K in sales in the first 30 days of the program.   Today, ACT has become one of the largest software companies in the U.S.

1989– A computer company, very close-to-insolvency, hired us to re-engineer and re-staff the company.  A new marketing plan, a much smaller staff and a few excellent new sales people trained in behavioral sales, move the company from $35K per month to $100K per month in ten months – the owner successfully sold the company and retired in Alaska.

1991– On a flight to Los Angeles from New York, Prof. Ancis met the owner of a Denver based insurance company.  The executive told Prof. Ancis that he would hire him only if he were to come up with a totally new insurance program … After three weeks, Prof. Ancis flew to Denver, Colorado and proposed a new insurance plan for the company to consider – he had designed the first Pet Insurance Plan … The company implemented the new plan and today, most 
Veterinarians offer pet insurance programs.

1992 – Prof. Ancis helped Cameo computers (a computer broker ) to double computer leased sales in six months (from $250K to $500K, per month).  Direct marketing and an impeccably trained telephone sale staff was the solution to the companies low sales volumes.   

1994 – A group of Newport Beach attorneys hired Prof. Ancis to create the first and only Internet Auction program based on consumer psychology motivators … a few years later, E-Bay was born.

1995 – Customer service, an increased credit line, telephone marketing outreach and sales tracking were the tools that allowed Bum Equipment footwear to increase its sales ten-folded in two years (from $1.2 million/yr to $12 million/yr).

1997 – A large Los Angeles based insurance agency had reached a sales plateau and had been unable to increase its business.  Our company analyzed the Southern California market and designed a program that would guarantee business continuity to family businesses, should the business owner die.  The targeted market was the Chinese business community – with the aid of Chinese interpreters, Chinese sales agents were trained to reach potential clients and how to sell the programs … sales double in six months.

2000 – Helped a fragrance company to organize, design an effective outreach plan of premiere department stores and install local marketing to increase sales. By sticking to the foreign sales marketing plan we designed, the company sales tripled in three years.

2001 – A small toner reseller in Southern California came to us for assistance … in three months we doubled their sales by designing a new marketing plan to approach large educational and banking institutions – their subscription brought in advance liquidity to expand the company.

2003 – A plastic bag manufacturer got into serious problems as India started to export to the United States – they approached us for an analysis of their company and to propose solutions.  After closing two non-profitable divisions, we looked for a chapter 11 re-organization that ended with a major competitor buying the company, yet allowing the company owner to save his company real estate commercial holdings.  

2004 – A company that had seen no growth in a ten year period, after trying the assistance of Tony Robbins, approached us to find a solution their stagnation.  After analyzing the company, we implemented our company cultural re-engineering – the result was the termination of company employees who were not completely committed to the company, the retraining of their sales people who then tripled their monthly sales, the planned entry to mega stores, and the introduction of direct marketing for direct sales.  The result – in 11 months, the company grew from 2.1 million per month to 6.3 million per month.

2006 – A sandal manufacturer looked for our assistance to increase their flat sandal sales.  The opening of two additional lines and the proactive outreach of the fast line generated an increase in company sales of 140%.

2008 – A seven year old manufacturer was plagued by two major problems: 1 - a new non-profitable division, and 2 – a profitable division but with one client buying 65% of the company products.  The solution was proposed to rapidly diversify and bring about new products for the non-profitable division; as well as looking for foreign sales in the one-customer controlled product line.  The results in 2008 were a 45% increase in profits and 80% increase in sales over 2001.  After a break-even year in 2009, the company is looking at a 60% increase in profits over the prior year, and a 75 increase in gross revenues over 2008.

2009 - Designed a business, marketing and sales plan for a revolutionary new product in the health and fitness industry (digitizing health and fitness club equipment for easy Internet retrieval by club members).  Company projections in year five, exceed $280 million.  The Company founder is now looking for funding to continue the project.


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