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Business Planning, Organizational Development, SWOT Analysis, Cost Reduction, Key Performance Indicators

Company Evaluation and Market Assessment

  1. Goal Setting, Identification of Objectives, Strategic and Tactical Planning
  2. Business, Marketing Plans, Organizational Team Building, Audits for Peak Performance
  3. Key Performance Indicator Tracking, Financial Management, Key Financial Indicators
  4. Management re-structuring, Mentoring, Coaching CEOs, Presidents, Owners.

Marketing, Sales Strategies, and Target/Consumer Research    

  1. Marketing - Positioning, Pricing Strategies, Targeting, Distribution, Direct Marketing
  2. Sales – Lead Development, Presentations, Trainings, Closing, Overcoming Objections, reengineering
  3. Market Research, Sales Information Systems, Inside/Outside Sales Tracking

Management, Staffing, Personnel Re-engineering, Trainings, Resistance to Change – Corporate Behavioral Re-Structuring

Job Analysis, Job Description, Personnel Profiling, Search Strategies, Compensation design

  1. Pre-interview Selection, Interview Formatting, Personnel Testing, Monitoring, Trainings 

Telephone Strategies - Design, Set-up and Implementation
Staffing, Training, Scripts, Sales, Appointment Setting, Closing, "polite" agent technologies

  1. Computerized Systems, Efficiency Tracking Systems, Management Reporting Systems
  2. Customer Service, Inbound and Outbound Telephone Trainings

Pro-Active Integrated Internet Strategies

  1. Strategy Design and Set-up (Web pages, servers, search engine registration, name reservation)
  2. Intranet/Extranet for Internal/External Secured Company Communication (MIS, delivery, inventory, pricing, special promotions -catalogs, product, pricing inventory, company information, shipped merchandise tracking, product updates, questions) – e-commerce

International Business Strategies and Implementation

Exporting, Importing, Joint Ventures, Foreign Manufacturing, Licensing, Franchising

  1. Domestic and Foreign Market Entry Assistance (research, distribution, lead development, sales) 

Financing (via 3rd Party Top CPA firm and licensed financial advisors)

  1. Accounting, Audits, Tax Reviews, IPOs, Funding, Financial Analysis, AR and AP Management - Asset Financing, Seed and Mezzanine lending, buy/sell negotiations

Accounting functions via LA top 7 CPA firm - Funding functions via LA funding group

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